Restorative Practices at Bream Bay College

The Journey to becoming a Restorative School.

Bream Bay College (BBC) is a co-educational year 7 to 13 school situated in Northland, New Zealand. BBC has over 80% of its staff restoratively trained to facilitator level. The Principal has been involved in promotion of RP in schools since 1999. BBC has been on a restorative journey since 2001. As a result of school wide interventions based around RP, BBC has gone from achieving below the National averages to achieving at levels well above the averages in National examinations.

Bream Bay College continues to be a leader in the education field with its use of Restorative Practices. Bream Bay College links with all its local agencies and has been responsible for their development in the Restorative model.

The links on the right looks at what it takes to move from a traditional school culture to a restorative based school culture and why all schools should do this. The pages form the presentation given to the International Conference on Restorative Practices, Vancouver in June 2009. Each topic (page) was presented over approximately 40 minutes of which10 minutes was used for questions, answers and sharing.

Why Restorative: Restorative process give the victims a say, focus on healing the harm both physically and emotionally. The real question is why use anything else if it does not achieve these outcomes.