Bream Bay Transport Network  Routes and Information

The majority of our students travel on school buses. These serve students from the Brynderwyn Summit and Langs Beach in the South, to the Oakleigh rail over bridge in the North.

At the start of each year, the Bus Controller assigns students to their buses and compiles the bus registers.  Permanent changes of address must be registered with the school office. It is important that students travel on the bus they are allocated.  A temporary change of bus may be requested by emailing the bus controller - Mr Bayer As many of the buses are full there is no guarantee that the service will be able to accommodate temporary changes.

Students are expected to make their own travel arrangements to sports practices and visiting friends. 

Bus prefects are appointed for each bus route.  Their job is to assist the driver by encouraging students to observe the safety rules and to report any behaviourial issues to the Bus Controller.

Bus Monitor - Mr Bayer Phone 432 8226 ext 742

CLICK HERE for Bus Rules and Zone Maps


WD1 Brynderwyns Route CLICK HERE
WD2 Waipu Cove Route CLICK HERE
WD3 Glenmohr Road Route CLICK HERE
WD4 Helmsdale Road Route CLICK HERE
WD5 One Tree Point Route CLICK HERE
WD6 Oakleigh Route CLICK HERE )
WD7 Ormiston Route CLICK HERE
WD8 Springfield Road Route CLICK HERE
WD9 Takahiwai CLICK HERE