From the Principal

Welcome to our School: Bream Bay College is a Health Promoting School committed to students succeeding. We provide access to a broad general education along with many sporting, cultural and leadership opportunities in a well resourced environment. I believe we have been successful as a College if, when our students leave, they have the skills required to obtain the job or course of their choice or start and run their own business and they leave to join the community as good citizens. Under my Principalship and our Board’s leadership the College often looks outside the square for solutions and is prepared to stand up and be counted on issues that affect our students. Some examples of this are listed below.

The College expects our students to gain enough knowledge to participate fully in New Zealand’s multi-cultural society and specifically knowledge of our bicultural heritage. We are committed to building emotional intelligence through the use of restorative practices. We are proactive in regard to drugs and alcohol and actively encourage appropriate choices through education and where necessary contracts.  We do not wait for students to get caught before we act on drug issues.

 We seek to make our school available to the community outside of school hours. We seek to provide for our students successful futures through maintaining professional highly skilled staff.

Current projects include: The National Information Communication Professional Development Initiative, the Numeracy Project for years 7 & 8 and for year 9, developing enterprise as an aspect taught in all subjects, working on peer assisted numeracy and literacy interventions, developing gifted and talented education strategies across the school, providing extensive gateway opportunities, extending the performance aspects of the College, extending sporting opportunities, developing more international trip opportunities and extending the peer student support services.

The College is well known for its academic successes, high achieving sports people, musical talents (rock bands, brass, bagpipes, drums, guitar, vocal, highland drums) and theatrical talent.

Students who join our College are expected to take responsibility for wearing their uniform with pride and arriving to school with the appropriate equipment.  In turn we will provide a high quality learning environment and the resources so they can succeed.

We look forward to working with you.

W.R. Buckland


Principal - Mr Buckland