All students from years 7 to 13 may gain Stripes in academic, sporting, cultural, leadership and service pursuits. These are awarded at special Stripes assemblies.




Academic:  A student may gain an Academic Stripe by:

  • gaining a placing in academic competitions, eg: Australian English, Australian Writing, Australian Mathematics, Australian Science, Commonwealth Essay, Nestle Short Story Contest, Science Fair
  • being a finalist in: Speech Contest, Research Expo, Creative Writing Portfolio
  • or by entering three or more academic competitions

Sporting:  A student may gain a Sporting Stripe by:

  • representing the college in a sporting activity 

This includes any sport that the student plays for the College over a season as well as representing the College in an Inter-school fixture

Cultural:  A student may gain a Cultural Stripe by:

  • being a member of the Kapahaka group
  • participating in a College production
  • being in the Variety Concert
  • participating in music such as bands, singing or learning an instrument
  • or participating in Debating

Service:  A student may gain a Service Stripe by:

  • helping a teacher for a designated number of hours in their own time
  • producing things for the likes of a College Production
  • helping in the Library
  • outstanding contribution to Student Centre
  • or for initiating lunchtime activities

Leadership: A student may gain a Leadership Stripe by:

  • Head Boy or Head Girl
  • Prefect - Junior or Senior
  • Mediator – Junior or Senior
  • Class Leader

Anually there will be opportunties for students to gain stripes for actvities that have not been listed, these may be awarded at the discretion of staff member in charge.

If a student gains 4 Stripes in an area then they will be awarded a year level Stripe in that area.

The Deputy Principals, Deans and the Principal must agree before a student gains one of the following two badges. A student may gain only one each of the following badges:

Kia Maia Badge:  This badge may be gained by displaying all-round excellence in the classroom. 

Tumuaki Badge:  This is the highest and most prestigious Junior Stripe award.  In order to receive a Tumuaki Badge, a student must have a Kia Maia Badge and at least three other Stripes.  The other Stripes must be from at least two different categories.

Where to Place Stripes: 
The Stripes are sewn on items of uniform at the discretion of the student.  They may be sewn on their shirt, jersey, sweatshirt or jacket.  There is no limit to the number of academic, sporting, cultural or service Stripes that a student may gain.