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It is the philosophy of Bream Bay College to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, with increasing degrees of specialisation as our students move through the school.

To maintain a balanced curriculum we provide high quality professional development for all staff to support their curriculum delivery.


At Bream Bay College the following attributes are exemplified by staff:

  • Staff show a positive work ethic with high expectations of themselves and the students, innovation and they are student centred
  • Staff encourage and demonstrate life-long learning through culturally responsive pedagogy to meet the needs of all learners
  • Staff will uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Staff will embrace and use the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) document
  • Staff understand that community involvement and community engagement are essential elements to being a successful educator leading to successful educational outcomes
  • Staff understand that the students they are teaching are being prepared for a world that is rapidly changing and therefore are future focused.
  • Staff work restoratively in their interactions within the College
  • Staff will contribute to the wider life of the school
  • Staff are committed to explicitly teaching and assessing the key competencies
  • Staff embrace the use of ICT to enhance learning
  • Staff are committed to using data to review and improve their practices

Please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter's Whanau teacher, Dean or Subject teacher at any time if you wish to discuss their progress. If you wish to discuss a more serious matter it may be more appropriate to contact their Dean, Deputy Principal, or the Principal.

Name   Position Email Link
BUCKLAND Wayne   Principal
WEBB Beverley   Principals PA
DALGLEISH Alison   Deputy Principal
NATHAN Rosie   Deputy Principal
HAYWARD Sandra   Head of Ross House
BAYER Mark   Deputy Principal
KING Amanda   E Principal FarNet
D'ATH Gina   Dean of Sutherland 
BYRNE Sara   Dean of Argyll
BRADSHAW Sherilyn   Dean of Ross
NEARING Amanda   Dean of Inverness
BROWN Scott   HOD Music
McDONALD Holly   HOD Social Sciences
COOPER Gwyneth   HOD Science
FOSTER Victoria   HOD Year 7 & 8 | 8B
HARRINGTON Daniel   HOD Physical Education
SIMS Sue   HOD Mathematics
RYLAND Stevie   HOD Technology
SHELFORD Junie   HOD Maori
SCOTT Tracey   HOD Art | NZQA PN
BOWLER Francie   Year 7D
BUCKLAND Beverley   Mathematics | Farnet Teacher
BUCKLE Ella   Accelerated Learning Coordinator
CLOUGH Quentin   Social Sciences | Farnet Teacher
FINLAYSON Margo   Music Itinerant
HILL Shayla   Year 7C
JAMIESON Ally   Horticulture | Chemistry
LOGAN Allan   International Students | Farnet Teacher
MAYNE Jo   Dance, Physical Education
MILTON Vivienne   Science
NEARING Amanda   Year 8D
PERKINSON Raewyn   Year 8A Bilingual
POWELL Franceine   Food Technology, Hospitality
REYNOLDS Susan   Guidance Counsellor, Careers Advisor
SCOBIE-JENNINGS Emma   ICT | Club Co-ordinator
SHANDIL Vicky   English
SHORTLAND Kara   Year 7A Billingual
SLAKO Clare   Farnet Teacher
SMITH Kylie   Social Studies | Science | 8C
STEMMET Brigitte   Mathematics
THORPE Garry   Economics | Business Studies
THORNHILL Jennie   Physical Education, Dance
TOWNSHEND Chris   Science
WILLIAMS Karen   Design and Visual Communication
BURROWS Lindsey   Librarian Manager | ICT
CARRAN Megan   Sports Co-ordinator
DALTON Eileen   Lab Technician
Hall, Dion   Painter  
HITA Tauwira   Teacher Aide
HITA Harriet   Cleaner  
HUTCHINSON, Liz   Cleaner  
HITA DUVAL Kiri   Adminstration Office | FarNet
LEA Megan   Student Admin | Website
NICOLAS Vicki   Teacher Aide
POTTON, Dink   Teacher Aide
SANDFORD Katrina   Finance Manager
SPRAGG Matthew   Caretaker
TOU Ben   Teacher Aide
WORTHINGTON Travis   Administration Officer