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SCHOLARSHIPS - We have awards at all levels for academic achievement (George Watt - 4 x $5,000, 100Plus - $100 for each member for year 7 to 10 plus $100 for each NCEA Level 1, 2 & 3 at Excellence.

Dr McBirney Memorial Award

This award has traditionally been the top award presented to the best all-round student, based on their character, application, and ability.  The award is made in memory of the district's first doctor.  Dr McBirney gave eight years of selfless devotion to the people of this area during the years 1954 - 1962.  After his death, the community decided his commitment and dedication should be remembered by this award to a senior student reflecting similar attributes.


George Watt Grant

In 1996, we learned that our College had been bequeathed a very large sum of money together with some significant assets. This money has been invested to provide scholarships for students going on to tertiary education from Year 13 (Seventh Form) . The first of these annual scholarships was awarded to year thirteen students in 1997. It is anticipated that around $25,000 (at today's value) will be awarded to students each year.

100+ Club

This group of students are achieving at the highest levels and are expected to progress through the school to achieve their NCEA level 1 diploma at excellence. They are sponsored by a member of the community and receive $100 for being part of this group at Junior Prizegiving.

Apprenticeship Scholarships

In conjunction with the Waipu Anglican Opp Shop and Bunnings, the school awards 4 students in the form of tools purchased through the school at very favourable rates from Bunnings and given to the apprentices.

Other Scholarships

Senior students are encouraged to apply for all of the many tertiary scholarships which are offered each year in Northland and nationally. These scholarships vary in value from $150 to several thousand dollars, and are awarded for outstanding endeavour in a huge variety of fields. They are usually contingent on the student pursuing a particular course of study at a tertiary institution. Our Careers Adviser will provide guidance for all senior students eligible to apply for them.