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Bream Bay College is a Year Seven to Thirteen school that brings together a unique combination of communities. The College is situated in the centre of Ruakaka, next to the local shopping centre. It serves this community, along with the rapidly growing area of Waipu to the south - a community with a strong Scottish heritage, another rapidly expanding community at One Tree Point, the Marae-based community of Takahiwai to the North, and the farming communities of Mata and Springfield, inland. The College was established on its present site in 1972 replacing Waipu District High School. Our main contributing schools are based at Waipu, One Tree Point and Ruakaka. The College’s Maori and Scottish heritage is evident throughout and has been woven into the organisational structure for pastoral care by linking four Scottish areas with the concept of Whanau to create the basis of the Pastoral Care and inter-house competition. Being a Year Seven to Thirteen school has many advantages for our students. The Year Seven and Eight students have access to full secondary school facilities such as custom labs and workshops. The curriculum for the school is coordinated from Year Seven to Thirteen. Our students become well known by staff, which results in the school having a family type atmosphere. We offer excellent academic, musical and social opportunities to our students in a well maintained and resourced environment. We look after our student’s mental and physical health through fully trained First Aid staff and a well-qualified Guidance Counsellor along with regular clinics by a GP, Public Health Nurse and a Mental Health Nurse. The itinerant Dental Health Service visits every twelve months and is available to year 7 to 13 students. Bream Bay College delivers Maori medium education through Maori enrichment operating for Year 7 and 8 students and the usual Te Reo Maori courses in years 9 to 13. We have very successful combined junior and senior kapahaka group. Bream Bay College is a nationally acknowledged leader in the field of student behaviour management using restorative practices. The College has focused on its Information Communication and Technology skills and capabilities in the last couple of years and is now at the forefront of its use in education. About our School Students can access course outlines, assessment schedules and homework on line. Parents and students can log into the College’s student administration system and see student reports, analysis reports, attendance records and behavioural records in real time. Our students and their families enjoy the unique lifestyle opportunities provided by our location. These include:  Close proximity to the harbour (with good launching facilities for small boats) and the Hen and Chicken islands offshore for fishing and diving;  The racecourse, at which the 'Turf Meets the Surf', and the golf course from which the stress of a bad round is relieved by the breathtaking views;  The many wildlife refuges along the coast, and the variety of coastal and pastoral walkways;  The galleries and craft shops exhibiting the huge variety of work by talented local artists;  The much celebrated Scottish history which includes the annual Caledonian Games at Waipu;  The ready access to kilometres of white sandy beaches for walking, surfing, and a host of other recreational pursuits.  In 2017 a 27m x 15m Whare to be built at the front of the school as an Innovative Learning Environment and hopefully a new year 7/8 block in 2018. In 2016 Bream Bay College became part of the international NPDL (New Pedagogies for deep Learning) cluster. We are now in our second year of school wide reform to ensure that our students learn deeply and this is showing in improved results across the school. Given we were at or above national averages this is impressive. As part of NPDL we are looking at how we can undertake more cross curricular teaching and use our learning to change the world locally and globally.

Students going into Years Seven:
Year 6 students enrol while at their local Primary School during term three and four. In term 4 the Year 6 students visit Bream Bay College where they are shown around the school and are introduced to their Whanau class and Subject teachers for the following year.

Seniors Confirmation of Enrolment:
Students going into years twelve and thirteen must confirm their enrolment on the nominated day in the week before school starts back in January, between 9.00am and 12.00noon. Students going into Year eleven who did not complete enrolment during their Year ten, or who wish to make changes to their option choices, should also present for enrolment at this time. Other New Students: Students new to the area enrol in the week before school starts in January, between 9.00am and 12.00noon. The Principal or a DP will complete these enrolments.

Stationery requirements can be ordered online from Officemax at very competitive prices. All students are expected to have the following stationery on their first day. Pens (red, blue, black), HB pencil, Refill paper, Ringbinder, Ruler, Pencil Sharpener & Eraser. Students are expected to have a change of clothes for PE. Swimming togs will also be necessary from the beginning of term 1. Students are expected to be prepared to take part in lessons by bringing their gear with them each day. Students will be given a stationery list (or they can download it from our website) at the end of the current year and these will be available from the office through to the middle of term one.

Activity Fee:
During the College year you will be asked to pay the school activity fee. Our activity fee has been set at $60.00 per year or $100 per family. This activity fee is used to enhance facilities to which all students have access. This includes the school magazine, swimming pool, library, information and communications technology (ICT) and sports equipment. As activity fees are a donation, we issue receipts for tax purposes.

Devices are expected:
Seniors will need a laptop so that they can access the online content for their courses and to complete course work. Juniors can get by with a tablet to access their online work and this will be sufficient up to the end of year 9. All students have access to software that will enable them to complete their work and this does include access to office 365 although the google suite has very similar products and these when used allow for teacher, student and parent collaboration.

The College newsletter is emailed twice a month to keep parents/caregivers informed of school activities and up and coming events. The newsletter can be emailed to all parents who register on their email list by sending an email to newsletter-request@breambaycollege.school.nz with subscribe as the first word in the body of the email.

Meeting the Teachers:
Please do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter's Whanau teacher, Dean or Subject teacher at any time if you wish to discuss their progress. All staff have an email address of their initial followed by their surname @breambaycollege.school.nz If you wish to discuss a more serious matter, it may be more appropriate to contact their Dean, Deputy Principal, or the Principal. Please telephone the office (09-432 8226 extn 0) to make an appointment or leave a message on the staff member’s voice mailbox.

Parents/caregivers receive a report at the end of each term. If problems have been identified in a students report, either teachers or parents may organise an interview to discuss the problem more fully at any time. Reports are cumulative for the year. The College has 3 PST (Parent / Student / Teacher) meeting days. These are week 4 of term 1 with the whanau teacher, week 3 term 2 with subject teachers and week 3 term 3 with the Whanau teacher. Special arrangements can be made to supply copies of reports to non-custodial parents. At any time a parent can view their son/daughters report electronically through PCSchool Spider.

We have a Confidentiality Policy that applies the principles of the Privacy Act to Bream Bay College. Information is disclosed, as required, to appropriate Government agencies, for example, to enable our students to be enrolled for examinations with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. We require information from parents and contributing schools to assist with our enrolment process.

Uniform for Years Seven to Twelve:
Bream Bay College is a school where school uniform is expected to be worn neatly and completely at school, travelling to and from school, and at school functions. If there is a good reason why some item of uniform cannot be worn, a note must be brought from home and given to the Dean | DP prior to 8.40am and a short term exemption may be issued or the problem may be followed up in some other way. Jewellery is discouraged. Students may wear a plain flat ring, small simple ear keepers (only one in each ear), and a wrist watch. Crosses and bone or greenstone taonga may be worn. Extremes of hair style and facial piercings could result in the student being removed from classes. Make-up may not be worn when a student is in school uniform. The Principal and Board of Trustees reserves the right to decide what is an acceptable standard of appearance.
Shorts - Black regulation shorts with BBC logo
Trousers - Black regulation trousers with BBC logo
Skirt - Black or Tartan with BBC logo
Blouse - White blouse with school crest
Polo T shirt - Red and black polo with school crest
Shirts - White shirt with school crest
Under Garments - T shirts are not to be visible. A student may wear a white thermal under a white blouse/shirt and a black thermal under the red polo shirt
Jersey - School woollen jersey with school crest
Sweatshirt - Red ‘V’ or round neck sweatshirt with yellow logo
Jacket - Black rainproof school jacket with BBC yellow logo
Footwear - Plain black shoes Sandals Black roman sandals or slave sandals
Socks - White or black quarter socks. Girls may wear black pantyhose or black tights to be worn with shoes only. (not sandals)
Sun Hat - Plain black surfie hat 6.5cm brim Black cap with BBC logo
Beanie - Plain Black embroidered with “BBC” on the band worn in term 2 and 3 only.
Scarf - Plain black worn in term 2 and 3 only.
Belt - Black belt only
PE - A change of gear that involves an appropriate t-shirt and shorts or black track pants A school PE Uniform will be supplied to the student when representing the school at an event

Year 13 Mufti:
Year thirteen mufti is a privilege. Those year 13 students who fail to comply with the Year 13 dress code will be given one formal warning. Further failure will result in the student losing their mufti privilege and having to return to wearing school uniform.
Clothing Standard - All clothing will be in good condition and repair
Logos & Pictures - All items of clothing worn to school must comply with the logo criteria. Logos must not advertise alcohol, tobacco or other substances forbidden at school. Logos must not be of a nature that they could offend members of the school or the public Shirts - Polo/cotton shirt long or short sleeved or a dress T-Shirt. Non-visible garments may be worn underneath. Shirts without a hemmed bottom must be tucked in
Shorts & Trousers - Trousers or shorts that are not obvious beach wear Skirts & Blouses No extreme mini skirts, or low cut tops. Tops must be able to reach the waist-band of shorts or skirts
Footwear - Plain black shoes will be worn at all times No logos to be visible on the shoe Rubber jandals are not to be worn Jerseys/Jackets - A jersey or jacket may be worn
Hair - Students hair to be well groomed Jewellery/Piercings Visible body piercing other than in the ears is not acceptable Jewellery will be modest by nature
Hats - Must be worn as sun hats – not fashion accessories
All clothing worn should be suitable for a person working in the retail industry. Obvious beach wear is not suitable. A Deputy Principal will decide on all uniform queries and the decision will be final.

Student Expectations:
All students who enrol at Bream Bay College agree to meet the following minimum competencies at all times:
1. Managing Self – Brings books, brings gear and arrives to class on time
2. Relating to Others – Speaks respectfully with peers and speaks respectfully with teachers
3. Participating and Contributing – Tries to do the work, asks for help if stuck and follows teacher directions

The College takes a “zero tolerance” stance to anyone who does not meet these minimum competencies. They will be provided with help to achieve the standard but refusal to meet these standards will result in removal from class and ultimately removal from the College. Some Useful Guidelines:

School rules apply when students are at school, on a trip or visit arranged by the school, on a school bus, when they have left school during school hours and any other time they are in school uniform. Students are expected to behave at all times in such a way as to meet the above basic expectations. Students who fail to meet this code will be required to participate in a restorative conference which could result in a range of consequences including lunchtime or afterschool detentions and in serious cases suspension.

Students may not bring lighters, matches, cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescribed substances on to the school grounds. In order that property is not damaged, chewing gum and twink are not to be used or brought to school. Potentially offensive weapons, such as pocket-knives, and offensive material, such as pornography are also strictly forbidden also.

Students wearing incorrect school uniform must have a note from their parent/caregiver explaining the reason and the length of time for which an exemption is sought. A deputy principal will provide alternate uniform or issue the student a permission slip for a length of time only if no uniform is available.

School bags must be free of graffiti.

Laptops, devices and phones are used regularly in classes for learning purposes. They are the responsibility of the student to look after. They must not be used in a way that is inappropriate in a school environment. By bringing an electronic device onto the school grounds students have consented to the college looking at its contents if required.

Money for trips, books etc. should be taken to the school office on arrival at school, morning break or lunchtime or paid online. To help ensure that all personal property is kept safe, we ask that all students' gear (clothing, books, stationery, etc.) is clearly marked with their names.

Lockers may be rented by students. We strongly recommend that students purchase a quality lock in order to keep their property safe in the lockers.

Loss or theft of gear should be reported to a Deputy Principal who will follow it up.

Our Expectations of Students In the interests of student safety, bus students, cyclists, pedestrians and those permitted to bring motor vehicles to school must observe both the law, and the highest standards of courtesy and care. The law requires cyclists to wear safety helmets at all times when riding their bikes. Written permission from a Deputy Principal must be obtained before students are allowed to drive a motor vehicle to school. These vehicles must be parked in the auditorium car park. This area is out of bounds during the school day. Students with permission to drive a motor vehicle may carry siblings as passengers. Under no circumstances, can we permit a student to carry another, unrelated, student as a passenger. This rule is written with the best possible safety interests of students in mind.

School Transport:
The majority of our students travel to school on our school buses. These buses serve students from the Brynderwyn Summit and Langs Beach in the South, to the Oakleigh rail over bridge in the North. At the start of each year, the Bus Controller assigns students to their buses and makes up the bus registers. It is important that students travel on the bus they are allocated. A temporary change of bus may be requested by writing to the bus controller Mr Mark Bayer. As many of the buses are full, there is no guarantee that the service will be able to accommodate temporary changes. Students are expected to make their own arrangements for sports practices and visiting friends. Permanent changes of address also need to be reported to Mr Bayer in writing. Bus prefects are appointed for each bus route. Their job is to assist the driver by encouraging students to observe the safety rules and to report any misbehaviour to the Bus Controller.


At year 7-13 students may gain Stripes in academci, sporting, cultural, leadership and service pursuits. CLICK HERE for more information.

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