ICT Information

PC School Spider via the internet enables parents / caregivers with internet access to view details on their child's report information, credit summaries, attendance and pastoral information. 

To access PC School Spider you can either click on the link on the right, or get your son / daughter to bring up their my desktop page and follow the links provided.

Student Internet: Each student at Bream Bay College is given an in school computer account and an internet account. The in school computer account provides the student with access to preloaded software along with word, excel, powerpoint etc. This account is used for production of assignment work or learning about ICT. The internet account can be accessed both from within the school or from any computer connected to the net anywhere in the world. Students get access to a myclasses, mydesktop, mymail and a myportfolio page. (see Student Internet instructions on the right)

Report Evening/Day Appointments process:  The College is using the services of a web provider to make electronic appointments for staff on the Report Evening and Report Day.

Newsletter: The College newsletter is printed in the Bream Bay News twice a month to keep parents/caregivers informed of school activities and up and coming events.  The College also emails the newsletter to all parents who register by sending an email to newsletter-request@breambaycollege.school.nz with subscribe as the first word in the body of the email.