Dr McBirney Memorial Award

This award has traditionally been the top award presented to the best all-round student, based on their character, application and ability. Congratulations to Ceili Lea the 2018 recipient. The award is made in memory of the district's first doctor.  Dr McBirney gave eight years of selfless devotion to the people of this area during the years 1954 - 1962.  After his death, the community decided his commitment and dedication should be remembered by this award to a senior student reflecting similar attributes. Click here for further information on Dr McBirney. Congratulations to Katie Worthington the 2017 recipient.


This prize is awarded to the top academic student in Year 13. Congratulations to Siobhan McDonald the 2018 recipient.




Proxime Accessit

This is the second highest academic award for Year 13.
Congratulations to Luke Murray the 2018 recipient.




George Watt Grant

In 1996, we learned that our College had been bequeathed a very large sum of money together with some significant assets. This money has been invested to provide scholarships for students going on to tertiary education from Year 13. The first of these annual scholarships was awarded to year thirteen students in 1997. It is anticipated that around $25,000 (at today's value) will be awarded to students each year. Congratulations to Alana Forsythe, Rochelle Goodmon, Nokisi Kaiarake, Ceili Lea, Siobhan McDonald, Luke Murray, Haylee Rudolph and Senara Wickramasinghe who were award George Watt Grant 2018



Congratulations to Thalia Heiwari and Grace van Cingel the receipients of the STEM Scholarship 2018 from Refining NZ






Senior Dux Ludorum

This award is given to the highest achieving student in their chosen sporting code. Congratulations to Paul Linton the 2018 recipient.






Congratulations to Shenae Doak Smith and Toia mehana Puru who were the recipients of the Kaiataki 2018





Congratulations to Nazareta Savaiinaea and Nokisi Kaiaraki the receipients of these newcultural awards 2018




Sports Awards - There are awards for Best All round Sports Person, as well as various sporting awards for each sporting code.

Duffield Cup - Leadership in Sports.

Kururangi Cup - For Maori and Pacific Island Students. This award was first presented in 1978 to a senior student of Maori or Pacific Island decent. It is award to a student who shows leadership, reliability and sincerity. This student plays an active role in the Bream Bay community and is well respected by other students.

The Waipu Lions Citizenship Cup - This cup was first awarded in 1975. It is awarded to a student who has participated fully in the Bream Bay community. The student shows civic duty as a leader. They are always supportive, reliable and well respected.

Citizenship Awards - Each year level is awarded a Citizenship Award

Leadership Awards
- Each year level is awarded a Leadership Award

Millennium Cup
- For top student in Social Sciences

Abercrombie Primary Producers Cup - For top student in Horticulture

Reid Trophy - For the Greatest Contribution to Health and Wellbeing

Dave Templeton Award - For commitment in YES (Young Enterprise Scheme)

Lear Cup - Endeavour

Outstanding Contribution Awards - Award given for the most outstanding contribution in the following:
Stage Challenge - Director
Stage Challenge - Fundraising
Stage Challenge - Costumes
College Haka Competition

Anna Marsh Trophy - This trophy is given to the most Outstanding Contribution to the Cultural Group.

Arthur William Hart Trophy - For the most Dedicated Performer of Kapahaka.

Finlayson Cup - for the winner of the Senior Speech

Dance Cups - Most promising Dancers/Choreographer

Finn Cup - Contribution to Music and Art

Duffield Cup - Economics

Cup for Excellence in Mathematics

Cup for Excellence in History

ASB Community Bursary Award

Marsden Lions Award

KT Integrity Cup - has been awarded since 1992 to a student who has shown themselves to be honest and up right in character. They must have demonstrated integrity in their actions thoughout the year.


Junior Dux Ludorum

This award is given to the highest achieving student in their chosen sporting code.

Junior Prefects

This award is given to selected Year 10 students to develop their leadership skills once the senior school has finished for the academic year.


Year 7 - 10 Kia Maia Badge
This badge may be gained by displaying all-round excellence in the classroom with at least 1 year level Stripe. 

Year 7 - 10 Tumuaki Badge: 
This is the highest and most prestigious Junior Stripe award.  In order to receive a Tumuaki Badge, a student must have a Kia Maia Badge and at least three other Stripes and a year level Stripe.  The other Stripes must be from at least two different categories.

Cup for Year 7 & 8 Speech Contest

Cup for Year 9 & 10 Speech Contest

Peter Stevenson Year 7 & 8 Cup - for Creative Writing

Cup for Excellence in Creative Writing - Years 9 & 10

Cup for Most Improved Debater - Years 7 - 10

Cup for Top Junior Debater

Jim Thorne Cup - For Excellence in Music

Best Contribution to Rock & Pop Music

Cup for Contribution to Vocals

Kapahaka Award - Most improved Female and Male performer in years 7-10

Excellence in Pratical Horticulture

Sir James Henare Award - Excellence in Education - Male and Female

Shield for Outstanding Achievement in Science

100 Plus Club

Junior Prefect

Citizenship Awards - Each year level is awarded a Citizenship Award

Leadership Awards
- Each year level is awarded a Leadership Award