As the 21st century dawned in 2000, changes occurred at Bream Bay College that were to take it to the forefront of education in New Zealand.
2000 saw a new Board of Trustees, under the able leadership of Peter Dunn, and a new Principal, Wayne Buckland. One of the key changes they put in place was in the area of pastoral care. The old punitive system was replaced with a system of Restorative Practices. Here, emphasis was placed on repairing harm that may have occurred in any conflict, and providing support for students struggling to cope with issues. To assist in providing support, a new Student Welfare Centre was opened providing careers advice, rooms for the guidance counsellor, as well as for the free school doctor and health nurse. Students at all levels in the College were provided with training in peer mediation. The Bream Bay model is now being copied by other schools in Northland and elsewhere in New Zealand.

There has been considerable time and effort put into purchasing ICT equipment and training staff in its use. By 2005, most teachers had been provided with a laptop computer, and computers throughout the school had been upgraded. Teachers were involved in a 3 year ICT training programme, and began incorporating ICT into their lessons. Parents were able to go online and check their child’s grades and attendance, and receive the College newsletter.
A Junior Diploma was introduced in Years 7 – 10 as a means to raise student performance within the junior school. It also allowed a seamless transition to the NCEA system of assessment.

Considerable progress was made in improving buildings and property. The Gym was upgraded and a new climbing wall built. The teaching blocks were re-roofed, and refurbished. The Library had a complete makeover. The outdoor courts were upgraded with a new asphalt netball court, and a multipurpose Astroturf laid down for tennis, hockey, and netball. By the end of 2008, work will have started on the new Performing Arts Block.
Education began to take students further from home on a regular basis. Overseas trips were taken to Asia, Australia, Fiji, and Europe.